Losing all of your lower or upper teeth can be a very scary situation for most people.

Unlike years past, you are not limited to removable prosthetics like dentures and partials. Believe it or not, this type of thing is not uncommon and can have a dramatic impact on someone’s life in a variety of ways.

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The Beauty of our Solution Lies in its Simplicity.

We are able to combine several treatment steps and visits. This makes it faster and more cost effective than other options.

In order to fully appreciate the level of efficiency of Straumann® ProArch you must first understand some basic dental implant concepts.

The interesting part about this procedure is that we do not need one implant for every single missing tooth! Through innovations and breakthrough technology with dental implants, custom bars, and prosthetics, we can now replace a full arch of teeth with as few as four dental implants.

Find Out if You’re a Candidate for TeethToday®!

Are you currently in dentures?


Are you missing more than 4 teeth?


Are your teeth mobile?


Did the dentist indicate that you were a candidate for implants, or TeethToday?


Do you have periodontal disease?


Have you had any recent consultations with a dentist?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask a dental professional if TeethToday is right for you.

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