“What if I am only missing a few teeth?

When people are missing multiple teeth but they have not progressed to a full arch solution, a multiple implant solution is often the best and most conservative approach.

This allows you to maintain some of your natural teeth and replace missing teeth with two implants and a bridge. Unlike partial dentures in the past, this solution is not removable. When the implants are placed and restored, you will have a fixed solution that functions and looks just like your natural teeth.

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The Beauty of Our Solution Lies in its Simplicity.

We are able to combine several treatment steps and visits. This makes it faster and more cost effective than other options.

It is critical to ensure that you take steps to maintain the health of your natural teeth after your implants and bridge are placed. Proper home care and a maintenance program with your clinician will ensure that you don’t run into a situation that causes you to continue to lose teeth and need more implants.

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