There are several reasons why millions of people lose teeth each month.

It could be from trauma, gum disease, malocclusion, or many other reasons. The most important concept to understand is that replacing one tooth with a dental implant is surgery and the process can be done in one day. The most concerning part of missing one tooth is the amount of people who do not take action to replace that tooth.

When a tooth is lost and not replaced, the bone that was supporting the tooth no longer has a reason to be there. So it will begin to erode away. This causes bone loss around the surrounding teeth, and before long you are missing multiple teeth, and that may lead to the eventual loss of the rest of your teeth.

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Taking action to replace a tooth as soon as possible is the healthier, more affordable long-term solution.

There are a few critical areas that will determine how the implant will be placed.

Severe Bone Loss

Certain conditions, such as periodontal disease, lead to bone loss. This means there’s not enough structure for the implant to take hold. The good news is dental professionals can use techniques to rebuild and strengthen the area where an implant will be placed.

Tooth Loss Where it Shows Most

Some people have thinner gums than others. As a result, the metal material of an implant can show through like a gray shadow. This isn’t something you want, especially when replacing a front tooth. Straumann® PURE ceramic implants look more like the natural color of a tooth so they don’t create that gray shadow.

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