Missing 2-3 teeth

When people are missing multiple teeth but have not yet progressed to needing a full arch solution, a multiple dental implant solution is often an effective approach. This allows you to maintain some of your natural teeth and replace missing teeth with two dental implants and a bridge. Unlike partial dentures in the past, this solution is not removable. When the dental implants are placed and restored, you will have a fixed solution that functions and looks just like your natural teeth

Every surgical procedure carries potential risks. You should always consult with a dental professional prior to treatment. Potential risk factors may vary depending on medical or other conditions of each patient. The possibility of immediate placement and the use of a prosthetic tooth depends on many factors, such as bone presence and quality, dental history, implant location, and availability of the final restoration. Your clinician will fully describe the possible scenarios to you during consultation prior to surgery. Every surgical procedure carries potential risks. Consult your clinician to find out if dental implants are right for you.