Free concierge service for missing teeth replacement

We are here to help:
 Answer your questions related to possible solutions for your missing teeth and the treatment process.
 Find a listed clinic close to you.
 Schedule your first visit with an experienced dentist.
Assist you throughout the entire implant treatment.

Personalised to you

Our approach is rooted in understanding the impact that oral problems can have on your life, such as:

Pain & discomfort during eating

Discomfort or pain when enjoying your favourite food or beverages caused by missing teeth.

Lower social confidence

Feeling more self-conscious in social situations due to missing teeth.

Worry about health risks

Worry about potential health risks that can be caused by untreated missing teeth, such as impaired speech.

Changes in face appearance

Untreated missing teeth may cause changes in facial shape due to bone loss.

Making implants affordable

The listed dental clinics within the TeethToday network inform you about individual financing options for dental implant tooth replacement. Get in touch today with your personal dental implant consultant to be informed about the  financing options.


TeethToday assists dental implant patients with different services across the world. Explore dental implant patients’ smile stories and their experiences. Please see the risks in the disclaimer.

Bea, 52 | Australia
 "I feel like it is a weight lifted off of my shoulders. It has just made such a difference in my life."

Terry, 59 | United States
"Everything about the whole process was smooth. There was no pain and discomfort at all."

Richard, 63 | United States
"Implant treatment is a perfect solution! And in fact, it was a life-changing experience for me."

The TeethToday difference

Explore what you can get as part of the free TeethToday concierge services

  With TeethToday Without TeethToday
Personal dental implant consultant

Yes, enjoy guidance from a personal consultant throughout the journey.

No, without a personal consultant, you navigate through the process with your dental clinic alone. 
Appointment scheduling

Yes, experience our hassle-free appointment by scheduling with listed dental clinics.

No, you handle scheduling and booking appointments on your own. 
Support throughout treatment

Yes, receive continuous support and guidance throughout your treatment journey.

No, support is limited to what the dental clinic provides. 
Post-treatment follow-ups

Yes, benefit from regular post-treatment follow-ups. 

No, follow-up procedures depend on the clinic and may not be as thorough.
Co-ordinated care  Yes, we manage all your appointments, ensuring a smooth and coordinated treatment process. No, you would need to handle all aspects of scheduling and coordination.
* See the risks in the disclaimer.

Disclaimer 1: Every surgical procedure carries potential risks. You should always consult with a dental professional prior to treatment. Potential risk factors may vary depending on medical or other conditions of each patient. The possibility of immediate placement and the use of a prosthetic tooth depends on many factors, such as bone presence and quality, dental history, implant location, and availability of the final restoration. Your clinician will fully describe the possible scenarios to you during consultation prior to surgery.  Consult your clinician to find out if dental implants are right for you.

Disclaimer 2: Please note that if you choose to enter into a treatment relationship with one of the listed clinics this treatment relationship will be solely between you and the respective listed clinic. TeethToday / Straumann explicitly disclaimers and waives any and all responsibility or liability for the treatments provided by the listed clinics.